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Icon MB 30SE Single KT150 Mono Blocks Röhrenendstufe Verstärker

A Versatile Affordable SE Solution!

The MB30SE is a versatile high quality very simple mono block amplifier for Full Range and medium sensitivity speakers.

Using only 2 audio valves it has excellent bandwidth with the best qualities of SE* without the disadvantages of flabby bass, hum and low power that many designs suffer.

Designed for the new Tung-sol KT150, a superb valve with ideal qualities for this "old world" task. Chosen for its all-round qualities and good power, the KT150 offers a great deal more than vintage triodes like the 300B which will only deliver 9W SE. The heart of a good Single Ended amplifier is the output transformer. Our specially developed Low Distortion Tertiary transformers allow the KT150 to really "sing" without constriction giving wide bandwidth and dynamics with excellent detail.

The MB30 is optimised for Triode as well as UL operation. 18 Watts being ample for most situations. Especially with our new "Full Range M" speakers and other vintage designs. But recognising that there are many speakers that require more power. The MB30 works very well in "Ultralinear" mode allowing the full potential of the KT150 to work its magic.

Designed to be used either with an active or passive pre amplifier, or direct from a single source such as our PS1 or PS3.

The "easy bias" meters ensure that that amplifier is giving its best performance and also gives an indication of output power used. Very useful when you may need to know if you are likely approach the maximum available power.


Ideal for: most situations where larger SE power is required, offering very relaxed sound. Well suited to larger more efficient speakers.

Read the review from Hi Fi World July 2013

Specifications and Features

  • 100% Pure Class A output power
  • Class A, all Triode front end
  • Valve rectifier, GZ34/5AR4
  • Output power Triode (18W). Ultralinear (30W)
  • Oversized choke regulated power supply
  • 1x KT150 output valve
  • 1x 6SN7 (CV181) double triode driving valve
  • All hand wired point to point
  • Signal to noise level -86db
  • Freq resp 20 – 20kHz +0 –0.8db 45kHz -3db(8w)
  • THD typically less than 0.5% 1khz (8w)
  • 4 & 8 ohm loudspeaker taps
  • Low feedback design (no feedback on high gain)
  • Solen/SCR hi fi audio capacitors, Jensen upgrade
  • Silver plated copper PTFE audio cable
  • Tertiary winding output transformers
  • Big custom wound PSU Choke
  • Gold plated Input & speaker terminals
  • 330mv (high) & 925mv (low) input sensitivity.
  • 220/240volts 85w approx (each)
  • Size 16cmW, 38D, 23H, 12kg ea
  • Packed 44cm x 25cm x 32cm 13kg 2 boxes

Typical values @ 235v AC (Specifications subject to change)

*SINGLE ENDED: is where only one output valve is used so the one valve has to "push and pull" on its own. Although this limits the power available, the lack of "phase splitter" stage required by "push pull" amps means that the mid-range and upper frequencies have less "processing" which gives a smoothness and charm to the sound not found in other designs.

100% Pure Class "A": Because both the driver and output valves are drawing full power even at zero volume, the valves never "switch off" or go into a "low" state. This thermal and power stability enhances the reproduction of macro dynamics and sound stage spaciousness.

(Specifications subject to change, errors & omissions excepted. General July 2018)